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How to apply

Step 1


Turn your heater on to "HI" and poor in the wax pearls. Wait for the pearls to melt all the way through. Then turn the heat down to "MED". We recommend that you stir the wax, and check the wax's temperature and consistent on the back of your hand. It should be as warm possible - without causing burns of cause.

Step 2


Use the included application spatulas to apply the wax. We recommend laying the wax on the skin with the direction of the hair. Wait 30-60 seconds until the wax has clotted. When the wax has clotted, pull the wax in one quick movement against the direction of the hair.

Step 3


We recommend treating your skin with some moisturiser or Aloe Vera Gel after the treatment. Are you a first-time user of PearlWax it's quite normal that your skin will react and be irritated. A moisturiser or Aloe Vera Gel will help calm the skin back down.

Tips & Tricks


The most important criteria for a great wax treatment is to find the right temeperature for your skin. Often the right temeperature is between "MED" and "HI" and we recommend you experiment and find the right one for you. If the wax is not hot enough it will lay on top of the hair instead of grabbing the hairs. If you experience that wax is not pulling all the hair out it is 9 out of 10 times because the wax is not hot enough. But make sure it not too hot either.

Cleaning your PearlWax

It is actually not necessary to clean your heater after use. Just let the wax cool off and warm it up again next time you use it. To avoid bacterias we recommend that you have the lit on during the heating of the wax, the down cooling and when you store it. Let the remainings of the wax stay in the heater until next time.

How to use Pearlwax
at home

Waxing your legs

Waxing the bikini line

Waxing your arms

Waxing the face

About the product

PearlWax is based on natural wax from bees. The beeswax makes the hot wax stick to the hairs only and not the skin. This results in a far more flattering and durable result and can save your skin from much wear.

PearlWax can be used by all skin types as the wax is gentle to the skin. This means that with PearlWax you will avoid small irritation buds, beard plague and ingrown hairs that are expected with normal shaving.

The more times you wax, the fewer hairs grows out and the hairs get thinner. With regular shaving, you will quickly feel the hairs again. You can feel the stumps after shaving, but with PearlWax you can enjoy your soft smooth skin for up to four weeks when waxing depending on hair growth.

PearlWax is a relatively new phenomenon that has become popular worldwide because of the spread of the message through social media. There is a reason why the new hair removal method is a hit - try it yourself!

Frequently asked questions

How long should the hair be for optimal effect?

Your hair should be minimum 3-5 mm long to achieve the desired effect of the wax treatment. The longer they are, the easier the wax is sticks.

Are application spatulas included?

Yes! For each bag of wax pearls you get 3 application spatulas included!

How many treatments are there in one bag of pearls?

About 10. A treatment is defined as a 15-20 cm wax strip on, for example one whole leg or both shins.

Which payment methods do you accept?

Credit cards (Mastercard and Visa) and PayPal. All transactions are secure and encrypted.

How long does the delivery take?

Our delivery takes 2-4 days when your order has been confirmed. We ship from Denmark.

What do you mean by "satisfaction garanteed"?

If you are not happy with the product you can return it and receive a refund - even if the product has been used!

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